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Hello folk,
I wanted to share my biggest experience on how to trade the forex market.
I got to know that the smart money is in the yield market. Everything what happens in world shows the yield market. And there is one rule for currencies and their strength.
“Currencies follow yields/ interest rate”
It’s simple and you have to repeat this sentence hundreds of times in your mind. Currencies follow yields, since the interest rate tells you how worth the money is. It’s the only measurement for money. That’s what the central banks tell you, how much worth is the currency.
Now you might ask “You want me to wait for interest rate decisions of the central banks?” No! I’m telling you, read what the bond market is telling you. How is the 10years Treasury Yield moving? How is the shape of the Yield Curve and where is it going? It tells you about the economy conditions (in this case the USA) and most important the inflation. Every country has bonds they sell to get loan. In Europe you take an eye on Germany, France and Italy since they are the most strongest countries in Europe.
“So you are telling me, checking the yield curve tells me about how much worth the money is, the economy conditions and most important the inflation?” Yes!!
“What is the Yield Curve and how to understand the spread between US 10y and Japan 10y yields?”
Well, this takes to much to explain. I can tell you this: Spread between 2 Yields from different countries tells you where the currency pair will go! You can learn about the Yield Curve a lot in the internet.
Most important Links:
The Bond Market as a Forecaster for Economic Conditions
All about the Yield Curve
Steepening and Flattening Yield Curve
Bond Spreads: A Leading Indicator For Forex
I can recommend you: Read everything you can find about yields, yield curve, yield market, yield predictions, economic influence in bond yields and all the working papers which you can find in the internet about the yield curve. And if you are really smart, make an excel sheet out of it and trade the currency market like a pro.
“Currencies follow yields/ interest rate”
The following links are informative for you too:
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To track all central bank monetary policies:
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A steepening of the curve is usually bullish as it shows yields widening between short and long term rates. So when Societe Generale say, ‘gear to a steeper US yield curve’ it is generally a ... Steepening Yield Curve . If the yield curve steepens, this means that the spread between long- and short-term interest rates widens. In other words, the yields on long-term bonds are rising faster ... Major Moves With all the news about Brexit and trade, the yield curve has fallen off many investors' radar screens. However, all the selling and political drama of last Thursday obscured a major ... Wednesday, 5 April 2017. Steepening Rendite Kurve Investopedia Forex A steepening yield curve in the fashion it is occurring is often indicative of confidence in the economy. As such, the US Dollar has leapt higher against the two groups that are highly sensitive ... Steepening yield curve investopedia forex Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; May 07, 2019 Investopedia defines the yield curve as, A line that plots the interest rates, at a set point in time, of bonds having equal credit quality, but differing maturity dates. The most frequently reported yield curve compares the three-month, two-year, five-year and 30-year U.S. Treasury debt. This yield curve is used as a benchmark for other debt in the market, such as mortgage rates or bank ...

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What is the Yield Curve, and Why is it Flattening? - YouTube

HERE'S SOME CRAZY DATA! Quick Video Synopsis: We've got a new gold bullion price forecast. The bond yield is a very interesting leading indicator. Currently, it is steepening and that is telling ... The yield curve allows fixed-income investors to compare similar Treasury investments with different maturity dates as a means to balance risk and return. Le... Interest Rate Trades For Flattening & Steepening Yield Curves Closing the Gap: Futures Edition - Duration: 18:08. tastytrade 3,546 views NBC News’ Ali Velshi breaks down the definition of an inverted yield curve and explains why it is triggering a loss in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. » Su... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Queue You may have read news articles or heard somewhere that "the yield curve is flattening," but what does that mean? Find out with today's video! Intro/Outro Mu... First, a short video from Investopedia as an introduction, then my attempt to apply the yield curve as a long-term forecast of the equity markets. www.theopt...